Wrapt Knitwear was established in 2018, with the aim of producing sustainable natural fibre knitwear.

Our model combines made-to-order and small-batch production runs. In this way we try to avoid overproduction and retain flexibility to respond to shifting consumer needs and market dynamics.

We use only natural and/or bio-degradable fibres, primarily merino wool, mohair, cotton and linen. These beautiful fibres are our starting point: they give direction and shape to what we do, and we are constantly fascinated by their endless versatility.

We focus on small womenswear and accessory ranges; menswear is currently made to order. We have also ventured into homewear with our somewhat famous Joburg Throw, and will be exploring this category further in the near future.

Our studio is at Victoria Yards in the Johannesburg CBD. We are a fulltime team of three; we outsource some assembly to freelance machinists, and some hand finishing is done by women from the community around Victoria Yards.

We are passionate believers in slow fashion and sustainable luxury. We see every sale as a vote of confidence by a customer, and we try to reward that confidence with products that are timeless, versatile, durable - and beautiful, of course. We love clothes, but we love people and the planet more, so with every decision we make, we try to find the balance between those three things.