Mohair Pocket Scarf

Size Guide


Made from Karoo mohair, this luxurious scarf is set apart by its size and squishiness, its gorgeous colours - and its pocket! Wear it over anything, either loose or belted, or bundled up.


78% mohair, 13% wool & 9% polyamide


40 x 210cm (excluding the fringes)

Care instructions:

Hand wash it in lukewarm water, using Woolite or a bit of your own shampoo. Gently agitate the water to lift dirt; never wring or rub.As you lift the piece out of water, much of the excess water will stream out, making for easy handling. Squeeze gently if more water needs to be removed, then lay flat to dry, reshaping while damp.

Once dry, a steam iron can be hovered over the garment to fluff up the fibres; a vigorous shake will have the same effect.

Store flat.